Monday, 9 April 2012

My top tips for hospital stays

  • Bring a laptop/dvd player and plenty to watch for when you're in bed and a portable mp3 player for when you go on exercise walks. Don't underestimate how bored you will get!
  • Download podcasts to listen to in the early days when your eyes can't concentrate on TV and films. Comedy works best for me.
  • Bring slippers that you can put on without having to bend down.
  • Food has to be bland for medical reasons so get salt, pepper and sugar sachets from the canteen to flavour it up.
  • If you want a private room, just ask. They are SO much better than wards.
  • Pull down your hospital gown at the front before you shuffle up the bed, otherwise you'll end up choking yourself.
  • If you can't shower or bathe, bring perfume and shampoo so you feel clean and nice as possible.
  • Check your charts at the foot of the bed daily.Ask that they correct any wrong information and notes (in my experience, a lot of it is incorrect and they will write down answers without having actually asked you the question).
  • Ask until your questions are answered. It's your health; don't let them fob you off or ignore you.
  • Ask your visitors to be specific about when they're coming. It's really disappointing to think they're arriving at 2pm only for them to get there at 5pm. To them it's not a big deal but to you it can really affect your mood for that day.
  • Have a bit of spare change in your bag for if your visitor doesn't leave on time and their parking charge runs over.

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